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LISIM BOPA With Excellent Strength And Converting Performance

LHA is the BOPA produced in state-of-the-art LISIM simultaneous stretching process. The film has good dimensional stability and physical isotropy. 

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Product Details

Features Benefits
✦ Thermal and physical isotropy ✦ Minimum distortion after retort
✦ Exceptional strength and puncture/impact resistance ✦ Capable of packaging heavy, sharp or rigid products with excellent packaging safety
✦ Less sensitive to moisture and heat-good dimensional stability ✦ Excellent converting performance, accurate printing registration

Product Parameters

Thickness /μm Width/mm Treatment Retortability Printability
15,25 300-2100 single/both side corona ≤135℃ ≤12 colors

Notice: retortability and printability are depending on customers’ lamination and printing processing condition.

Performance Comparison of General External Materials

Puncture Resistance
Flex-crack Resistance ×
Impact Resistance
Gases Barrier ×
Humidity Barrier ×
High Temperature Resistance
Low Temperature Resistance ×

bad×      normal△      quite good○      excellent◎


LHA can be used for color printing within 12 colors (including 12 colors), bag making with sealing width≤10 cm, and exquisite packaging with frame requirements. It is not easy to warp and curl after boiling and high temperature cooking at 135 ℃. Such as: retort pouch and cup lid with delicate patterns, packaging with requirement for both printing precision and mechanical strength, functional BOPA reprocessing (BOPA with PVDC coating used for high-barrier food packaging). The application field includes chestnut bags, roast chicken and other meat products, beef, dried tofu and other leisure food, self-cooking rice, jelly, rice wine, rice, tofu cover film, MRE (military fast food bag) pet food bag, high-grade exquisite rice bag, etc..

Applications (1)
Applications (2)


 Bag Making Dislocation

The positive and negative patterns cannot be aligned when the frame needs to be aligned, resulting in a "scissors mouth" type of oblique error.


● The influence of the "bow effect".

● More serious moisture absorption occurs in nylon after printing process.

● The original film has slight edging and is printed by increasing tension.

Related Suggestions:

✔ Pay attention to the control of ambient temperature and humidity.

✔  In case of edge swinging, it shall be handled according to the actual situation of the product, such as printing on the frame pattern, should not be forced to increase the tension.

✔  Receive draft reminder, remind customers to avoid frame matching in designing bag patterns and reduce costs.

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