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Bio-based BOPA Film

Changsu BiOPA ® is a high-quality biaxially oriented bio based polyamide film independently developed by Changsu Industry. This product has the characteristics of “low carbon emission” and “high performance”. The carbon footprint of using bio based raw materials is significantly reduced compared with traditional fossil based plastics, and the carbon reduction effect is significant.


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Product Details

Features Benefits
■ Low-carbon and environmentally-friendly;■ Good strength and puncture/impact resistance; ■ Technical protect for Brand Owner;■ Capable of heavy pack, sharp or rigid products with excellent packaging safety;
■ Good flex crack resistance; ■ Suitable for different packaging configurations;
■ Good clarity; ■ Better sensory quality;

Certification of bio based materials

Obtained TUV one star certification

Biobase content: 20~40%

Biobased proportion can be customized according to customer needs


Product Parameters

Thickness /μm






single/both side corona

≤6 colors


Facial mask, washing products, vacuum compression bags, industrial products, electronic products, etc

With both low carbon emission and high performance, BiOPA has a wide range of applications in the fields of daily-use products, industrial packaging, electronic packaging and so on. It can provide practical and sustainable packaging solutions for downstream customers and provide a new solution for enterprises to fulfill their carbon reduction responsibilities.

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