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EHAp – BOPA Film with High Barrier Performance

EHAp is specially designed and produced in state-of-the-art LISIM simultaneous stretching process. Fresh-locking products have ultra-high barrier property, its composite application with food packaging materials can reduce the use of additives, extend the shelf life of food, lock freshness and preserve fragrance, and are key materials to promote healthy upgrading of foods and reduce food waste.

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Product Details

Compared with the EVOH co-extrusion film, EHA can achieve the same barrier effect to EVOH but less material due to the state-of-the-art LISIM simultaneous stretching process, and the thickness of EHA is only 15μm which is more cost-effective.

In addition, EHA’s outstanding printability can apply to various accurate registration. Compared with PVDC or other coating high barrier materials, EHA can achieve excellent tiny dots printability.

Features Benefits
✦High gas/aroma barrier ✦Extend shelf life, better freshness
✦High mechanical strength and puncture/impact resistance ✦Capable of packing heavier/larger products, rigid or sharp bone-in products
✦Good dimensional stability 
✦No barrier loss upon film deformation 
✦Thin but multi-functional
✦Accurate reverse printing 
✦Stable barrier 
✦Cost effective

Product Parameters

Type Thickness/μm Width/mm Treatment OTR/cc·m-2·day-1 

 (23℃, 50%RH)

Retortability Printability
EHAp 15 300-2100 single/both side corona <2   85℃ pasteurization ≤ 12 colors

Notice: Retortability and printability are depending on customers’ lamination and printing processing condition.

Performance Comparison of General External Materials

Performance BOPP KNY EHA
OTR(cc/㎡.day.atm) 1900 8-10 < 2
Surface Color Transparency With light yellow Transparency
Puncture Resistance
Lamination Strength
Environment-friendly ×
Soft Touching

Bad ×       it’s OK △        quite good ○         excellent ◎


EHAp is a transparent, high-barrier functional film. It is resistant to 85℃ boiling or 105℃ hot filling, OTR lower than 2 CC/m2.d.atm. Comparing with the conventional BOPA films, the oxygen resistance performance of EHAp is ten times better, which makes it very suitable for the packaging that has strict requirement in gas barrier, such as pet food, compound condiments, pastries with short shelf life, cheese, kernels, fermentative dairy drinks and high-end balloons.

Applications (1)
Applications (2)
Applications (3)


Bagging or after boiling warping

✔  Excessive heat sealing temperature or long time

✔   Structure of inner and outer layers’ tension control improper

✔   Inconsistent tension between the front and back of bags

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