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Sequential BOPA With Both Sides Corona Treated

OA2 is the both side corona treated sequential BOPA with excellent overall properties. It is generally used as an intermediate layer and surface process like coating and metallization application.

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Product Details

Features Benefits
✦ Good flex crack resistance;
✦ Good strength and puncture/impact resistance
✦ Suitable for different packaging configurations;
✦ Capable of heavy packaging, sharp or rigid products with excellent packaging safety
✦ High gas barrier;
✦ Excellent applications at high and low temperature;
✦ Varied thickness;
✦ Good clarity;
✦ Customization
✦ Extend shelf life;
✦ Suitable for frozen food and pasteurization/boiling application;
✦ Thickness tailored for different strength requirements-cost efficient;
✦ Better sensory quality;
✦  Better meet customers’ requirements

Product Parameters

Thickness/μm Width/mm Treatment Retortability Printability
10 - 30 300-2100 Single side corona ≤100℃ ≤6 colors(recommended)

Notice: retortability and printability are depending on customers’ lamination and printing processing condition.

Performance Comparison of General External Materials

Puncture Resistance
Flex-crack Resistance ×
Impact Resistance
Gases Barrier ×
Humidity Barrier ×
High Temperature Resistance
Low Temperature Resistance ×

bad×      normal△      quite good○      excellent◎


OA2 can be used for producing flexible packaging printing within 3 colors (including 3 colors), sealing width 1cm and without requirement for printing registration, such as blank bag, vacuum freeze bag, aquatic product bag, and vacuum compression bag. The specific applications as below, inner bag for nuts (walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.) and inner bag for meat products (Texas grilled chicken, steak, etc.), electronic shielding packaging, liquid packaging, such as wine, beverage, sauce, breast milk storage bag, water storage bag, ginseng chicken soup, oil bag, box bag, aerospace food, live fish bag, cold and fresh meat, seafood, halogen lock fresh packaging, etc.

Applications (1)
Applications (2)
Applications (3)


Color Penetration

It is easy to occur in NY/PE(CPP) structure. The color of the boiling ring is more red and purple during the cooking process. If the outer layer is changed to PET ring BOPP, then color penetration is easy to occur.


Temperature and humidity (water) are the two basic elements that cause color penetration.

● Nylon resin is a thermoplastic polymer from semi-crystalline to amorphous. When the temperature increases, the greater the change of the arrangement between molecules, the greater the possibility of pigment migration.

● The water resistance of nylon is poor, in the process of boiling, water molecules in nylon in and out, washing the pigment components in printing ink.

● Some pigments are water soluble.

Related Suggestions:

✔ Use two liquid type polyurethane ink.

✔  Add additional curing agent for the re-permeable ink.

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