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PHA – BOPA Film for Lithium Battery Package

PHA is a special BOPA film with the LISIM technology for blister battery casing applications. The unique mechanical properties enable it to maintain superior formability and robustness during cold forming impact.

sPHA is functional black BOPA film, its excellent color uniformity, impact, puncture and wear resistance and other outstanding features are specially developed to apply to black flexible lithium battery packaging, and can reduce additional black coating process downstream and increase the yield rate of finished products.

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Product Details

Features Benefits
✦ Tailored mechanical properties for pouch battery casing
✦Suitable for cold forming applications;
Good protectiveness for lithium battery
✦ High puncture/impact resistance  

Product Parameters

Thickness/μm Width/mm Treatment
15-30 300-2100 single/both side corona

Performance Comparison of General External Materials

Puncture Resistance
Flex-crack Resistance ×
Impact Resistance
Gases Barrier ×
Humidity Barrier ×
High Temperature Resistance
Low Temperature Resistance ×

bad×      normal△      quite good○      excellent◎


PHA is the critical part of high performance aluminum plastic film, with excellent resistance to puncture impact and wear, and is the core material of flexible packaging of lithium battery. and mainly apply to lithium battery, electronic soft pack battery with 3C standards (including cell phone, Bluetooth headset, e-cigarette , smart wearable devices, etc.), traction soft pack battery, power storage soft pack battery and so on.

Laminated with other materials, PHA shows better ductility, which means can better protect the inner content when is impacted by external forces so as to avoid the split or moisture. Such characteristic makes it possible to highly improve the depth of blister and battery capacity for longer battery life.

As one of the core layers of aluminum-plastic films for flexible packaging of lithium battery, PHA efficiently improve the security of battery. In the process of use, when the thermal runaway occurs, PHA can provide a buffer for battery, which ensures no explosion happened even in the most extreme condition. In summary, the application of PHA in the field of new energy automobile not only prolongs the battery life, but ensures the personal safety.

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 The Main  Technologies Adopted by BOPA 
✔ Sequential technology: two steps required. Stretching in mechanical direction firstly and then stretching in traverse direction(TD). The films produced by these steps have excellent mechanical properties.
✔ Mechanical simultaneous stretching technology: stretching in mechanical direction(MD) and traverse direction(TD) simultaneously, and introduced the water bath technology so that can reduce the “arch effect” and have good isotropic physical properties.
✔ The state-of-the-art LISIM simultaneous stretching technology: the stretching ratio and track can be fully adjusted automatically and intelligently, which greatly improves the mechanical strength, balance and other physical properties of the produced film. It is the world's leading and perfect generation of synchronous stretching technology at this stage, realizing the perfect integration of large-scale industrial production and personalized customization.

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