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The new biodegradable film (BOPLA) of Changsu Industrial has successfully obtained the biodegradation certificate of China’s authoritative certification agency, and has been actually applied to the product. (For the materials and products that meet the requirements of the GB/T 41010 standard, the “jj” mark specified in the standard shall be carried out and the traceable source code of the mark shall be given.)


Recently, BiONLY® has been applied to the protective film of OPPO’s OnePlus and Real me mobile phones; the fully biodegradable tableware packaging of China Eastern Airlines, Air China and other airlines; some packaging of Yili, Panpan, China Philatelic and other brands.


Why do so many leading companies choose to use BiONLY®?

Because BiONLY® is the first biaxially oriented polylactic acid film to realize large-scale production in China, it has the characteristics of bio-based and controllable degradation, and its raw material PLA is derived from starch extracted from plants through microbial fermentation and polymerization. After the product is used, it can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide within 8 weeks under industrial composting conditions, so as to achieve a perfect cycle from nature to nature.


In order to further explore the physical properties of BiONLY, through the performance comparison of three different dimensions, it can be seen that:

1 Compared with other materials, it can be found that the density of BOPLA is between PP and PET, and the elastic modulus is high;

2 Compared with other biaxially oriented films, the tensile strength of BiONLY® is close to BOPP, and it has excellent printing performance, heat sealing performance and air permeability;

3 Compared with ordinary blown film, its tensile strength and optical properties are far beyond that. While having the performance close to traditional plastic film, it also takes into account carbon reduction and plastic reduction, so it is an ideal film in the future packaging field.


Next, through the two tests of simulated sea transportation and aging experiments, we will see if BiONLY can meet the needs of storage and transportation and facilitate the practical application of customers.

In the shipping test, the roll film was transported by sea, passing through Singapore, the Suez Canal, Greece, and finally to Belgium, crossing the equator, and being baptized by high temperature and high humidity. By comparing the physical properties before and after, its basic physical properties did not change much, the appearance of the film has no obvious change and will not stick.

Through the simulation experiment of 2-year aging test (25μm BOPLA film test conditions: benchmark: 23℃/60%RH aging condition: 45℃/85%RH, acceleration factor: 15.1), it can be seen that under normal light-proof and moisture-proof conditions, the decrease in tensile strength and heat sealing strength is not obvious.

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Thanks to its excellent characteristics, BiONLY® can be widely used in all aspects of life, such as sealing tape for express logistics, disposable knife, fork and spoon packaging, straw packaging, which are affected by the restricted plastic policy. The excellent performance of BiONLY® is also very suitable for general packaging of fruits, vegetables and flowers (if anti-fog effect is required, it can also be made into anti-fog film by anti-fog treatment)

For the packaging field, BiONLY® has the stiffness, optical properties, printing properties and adhesion of aluminum plating comparable to BOPET, and also has the heat sealing properties of BOPP, so it is also suitable for packaging such as potato chips, Self-supporting bags for coffee beans and tea.


Through continuous technological research and development and innovation, BiONLY® has launched a unique ECPs lamination type, which has excellent coating adhesion, and can attach functional coatings to the surface of the film, making it scratch-resistant and tactile. It can be widely used in high-end gift box and gift bag lamination and electronic product protective film.

From sealing tape to knife, fork and spoon packaging, wrapping film to gift box. BiONLY® is providing re companies with a package of “green and low-carbon solutions through its controllable degradation performance”. which can be regarded as a green development booster that can help the entire industry fulfill its carbon reduction responsibilities. Xiamen Changsu is willing to join hands with more responsible enterprises to fulfill the responsibility of carbon reduction, contribute to the smooth realization of the National Double Carbon goal, and jointly promote a better and more sustainable environment.

Post time: Jun-23-2022