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The changed attitude of keeping pets from buying pet food to cooking in person has spawned a new track in the pet food industry. Compared with dry food, fresh food has fewer processing procedures and is more green and original, which is in line with the current consumption concept of pet keepers in pursuit of healthy feeding. Although the development history in China is not too long, its market potential cannot be underestimated because the fresh pet food is consistent with the consumption trend.


The 2020 white paper of consumption report on China’s pet industry shows, affected by the COVID19, 34.1% of pet keepers would store pet food from time to time, and 22.7% of pet keepers would focus on the shelf life of pet food. Therefore, the freshness and shelf life of pet food are two critical factors to affect consumers’ purchase decisions. Pet food with high freshness performs better in smell, taste, difficulty of absorption and nutritional value. The freshness of packaged food is largely related to the oxygen transmittance ratio (OTR) of packaging. Xiamen Changsu’s functional film,Supamidseries products – EHA film, the thickness is only 15 μm. and its OTR is controlled below 2cc / (㎡. Day. atm), which can not only firmly lock the freshness of food and greatly reduce the loss of nutrients, but also prolong the shelf life and meet the pet keepers’ sense of achievement of hoarding pet food.

Not only that, the 2020 white paper also shows that the number of pet keepers in post-80s and post-90s account for 74.3%. Among them, 84.5% of the post-90s and 83.5% of the post-80s more like to choose online shopping as their purchase channel of pet food , which further challenges the strength of food packaging. The degree of outer package wear or bag breakage rate of online shopping goods in the process of transportation is a major factor affecting consumers’ repurchase times. With the good flexibility, impact resistance and flex-crack resistance, as well as excellent tensile and puncture resistance, EHA film can protect the contents during transportation and fully improve consumers’ online shopping experience.


Based on the above pet keepers’ requirements for pet food, EHA film, with its strong product advantages, has cooperated with many pet food end brands to work together to provide fresh, healthy and nutritious pet food.

Post time: Nov-24-2021