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Keeping fresh with food additives is obsolete! Let’s learn more about EHA, the freshness locking film developed Xiamen Changsu Industrial Co., Ltd.


EHA is a biaxilally oriented film with high barrier function. It is co-extruded with EVOH high-barrier resin to the core layer of conventional BOPA, so that it has both functionality and thinning effect. The thickness is only 15μm and its usage is the same as our general nylon in many aspects, but it combines the excellent mechanical properties of our BOPA and the aroma barrier and good fragrance retention of EVOH .

EHA can be divided into EHAp and EHAr according to the different cooking temperature. EHAp could control the OTR <2cc/(m3. Day. atm) and is suitable for boiling < 85℃. If the package does not need to be boiled after packaging, such as some sauces, only need to be hot-filled after the further boiling sterilization, the hot-filling temperature is not limited to 85 ℃, 100 ℃ or even higher is applicable. EHAr is suitable for sterilization by boiling ≤ 100 ℃. The OTR <8 cc/(m3. Day. atm). Other mechanical properties and surface tension, friction coefficient, etc. are very close to our general BOPA products.

High Barrier BOPA Film

One point needs to be emphasized here, we must pay attention to its real barrier performance on the shelf, because the barrier data we see now are from the third-party test reports provided by the manufacturers or converters which are generally tested by taking some sheet samples. In fact, before our film is put on the shelf, it goes through a lot of processing processes, such as printing, lamination, bag making, and then filled with food, vacuum, transport, handling, on the shelves and so on these links.

There are other high barrier materials on the market, some of which are doing surface coating or aluminum lamination to achieve high barrier performance. Some products after these steps, the coating on surface will be greatly damaged, the barrier on shelves has actually been greatly reduced. In this regard, we have done simulation experiments. We put EHAp through longitudinal stretching by 6%, after rubbing 50 times, and then boiled at 85 ℃, its oxygen barrier performance still remains < 2 cc/(m3. Day. atm). EHAr also has good tensile and twist resistance. This is a great advantage of our material.


In addition to better oxygen barrier properties, our products have some other advantages, such as good transparency, while there are some coated or evaporation coating materials on the market, the printing colors will be yellowish or grayish, and like PVDC, the color will gradually darken over time, which is unfavorable to the display of content and brand image.

EHA has very good printability because the surface is general nylon. It has very good printing adaptability. The shallow screen printing effect is very good. When printing on coated products, it can be seen from the pictures on our slides that there are many small dot losses of coated materials.

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To sum up the advantages of EHA, it has very good aroma barrier, can better retain the original flavor of food, reduce the bag breaking rate, microwaveable, metal detectable, visible contents, no toxic gas when incinerated, and other advantages. It is very suitable for pet food packaging, fruit jelly packaging, hot filling sauce, pickles, pastries, meat products, nuts, air-dried products, fruit pulp, cheese, etc..

Post time: May-26-2022