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Are you really ready for this year’s moon cake war? Come and pick the best packaging material for your moon cake.

In the past, moon cake was only wrapped in butter paper, but now it is packed in a variety of different ways. The packaging of moon cakes is full of the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival.


With the increasingly competitive moon cake market, there is also an uncontrollable “moon cake marketing war” among brands. From the competition of gift box creativity, to the appealing shape of moon cakes, the introduction of exotic tastes, to the functional changes of low sugar and low calorie, the “packaging” methods of moon cakes are becoming more and more diverse, and moon cakes are no longer just a “cake”, but also an important means for merchants to innovate and take advantage of the situation.

However, most of the time, merchants focus their creativity and material selection on moon cakes and their packaging, but in fact, the first layer of packaging that directly touches moon cakes also has great potential. This layer of packaging may seem simple, but there is a mystery behind it! It is not only a powerful tool to protect moon cakes from the difficulties of storage and transportation, but also the key to ensure that the taste of moon cakes is not lost.


Compared with ordinary moon cake packaging, Changsu Supamid film ® EHA ® The fresh locking type is used for the first layer of moon cake packaging. Its oxygen barrier and fragrance retention are more excellent. It can not only double the oxygen barrier, but also ensure that the moon cake fragrance does not escape, and prevent the invasion of external odor. In addition, by means of physical locking, Moreover, by physically locking the freshness, Changsu Supamid Film® greatly reduces the use of food additives and greatly extends the moon cakes’ tasting period.


Meanwhile, as a new packaging material for moon cakes to protect health and safety, Changsu Supamid film ® also has the characteristics of high strength, high transparency, puncture resistance, etc. when wrapping the moon cake, it can also effectively prevent the bag from being punctured or folded and leads to deterioration, ensure that the moon cake is fresh and lasting, perfectly break the time and geographical restrictions, and sell well all over the world, help merchants to come out on top in the mooncake wars.

Post time: Jun-09-2022