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Leading Brand Of Tea Bags Launches Degradable Tea Bags

The rise of Chinese fashion trend

Li Ning launched "Chinese style + fashion" clothes with Chinese cultural elements;

Aiming at the consumption concept of "punk health", Tongrentang launched "medicinal" coffee such as wolfberry latte and mangosteen American style;The White Rabbit Joint Enterprise has launched many cross-border products, including lip balm, White Rabbit ice cream, toffee fragrance...


In recent years, with the blowout development of "traditional fashion", more and more younger generations are willing to pay for "Chinese culture" products. Tea, as one of the important carriers of Chinese culture, has changed the old and stereotyped image of traditional tea with the rise of China's fashion craze. Even from the packaging, the existence of China's fashion elements has made tea more fashionable.

traditional tea packaging

traditional tea packaging

Chinese fashion packaging

Chinese fashion packaging

certainly! The "big change" is not only the outer packaging, but also the inner packaging of tea, which has changed from the original large tea cakes and canned tea into the popular quantitative small packaging. In addition to convenience and beauty, tea packaging needs to take into account environmental protection and practicality. According to Euromonitor International, a global market research company, recently released the report "top ten global consumer trends in 2022" (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report forecasts the consumption trends in 2022, and one of the trends is to pursue environmental protection.

How to find the most appropriate packaging for good tea, protect the color, aroma and shape of tea to the greatest extent from being damaged, and at the same time protect the environment and improve the user experience has become the current development direction of tea packaging. In this regard, a fast-moving tea brand gave a perfect answer.

It not only applies polylactic acid (PLA) fiber tea bags, but also uses the first batch of new bio-degradable film in China – BiONLY in its tea outer packaging.


As a biaxially oriented polylactic acid film (BOPLA) independently developed by Changsu, BiONLY® not only has the properties of bio-degradability, but also has excellent adhesion to aluminum plating, which greatly improves the barrier properties of the film by aluminum plating, which fully meets the packaging requirements of tea. Through 2-year aging simulation test data (25 μ M bopla film test conditions: Benchmark: 23 ℃ / 60% RH aging conditions:45 ℃ / 85% RH, acceleration factor: 15.1)


It is not difficult to see that the tensile strength and heat-sealing strength of BiONLY® are not significantly reduced under normal light and moisture-proof conditions, so it can fully meet the requirements of long-term storage of tea in the terminal shelf life.


Under the trend of consumption upgrading, traditional and conventional tea is difficult to meet consumers’ need. Their attention is not limited to the unique flavor brought by the tea itself, but also includes a series of factors such as simplicity, convenience, and environmental protection. As a new type of environmentally friendly material, BiONLY® has been selected by more and more socially responsible enterprises due to its excellent comprehensive performance, and has become the best choice for enterprises to reduce carbon emissions and develop green and high-quality products.

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Post time: Sep-15-2022