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In the post epidemic era, how to buy cold chain food at ease?

Today, we can easily enjoy Thailand's delicious durian, Chile's sweet cherries, Italy's attractive mozzarella cheese, and as long as the budget is sufficient, Nordic salmon, Japan's Kobe beef, Australia's bread crab can also be bought in minutes, thanks to the increasingly developed cold chain logistics and cold chain system.

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However, have you ever thought that dozens of pathogenic bacteria are often "hidden" on the seemingly clean and hygienic cold chain food packaging, and improper treatment will easily lead to respiratory, gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, even pneumonia, sepsis, etc., seriously threatening our health and safety.

So, how can cold chain food packaging achieve real "health"?

In addition to always being alert to viruses, strengthening "physical prevention" and inhibiting the spread of viruses and bacteria, it is also recommended to use antibacterial functional materials from the source, and work together to double the effect of antibacterial and bacteriostatic!

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As a part of the circulation and use link that is often directly contacted by everyone, for example, the use of antibacterial functional materials combined with the packaging materials in the inner layer can largely cut off the infection path of pathogenic microorganisms, so as to achieve the antibacterial effect of prolonging the stagnation period of microorganisms, slowing down the growth rate of microorganisms, reducing the number of viable microorganisms, and effectively prevent the spread of various cold chain food bacteria, Let packaging become a powerful "umbrella" for cold chain food.

Antibacterial BOPA-SGS

Test Report of Changsu Antibacterial BOPA-SGS

It is worth mentioning that the Changsu antibacterial BOPA has passed the certification of SGS, an international authoritative testing agency, and has excellent antibacterial performance against the common gram-negative and positive representative bacteria, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, with the antibacterial rate ≥ 99.9%.


The Changsu antibacterial type BOPA makes use of coulomb gravity to enable the antibacterial agent to firmly adsorb and destroy the cell electrolyte balance when contacting with microbial cells, so that microorganisms can be killed due to the damage of the cell wall, which provides security for cold chain food. It can be applied to cold chain food fields such as salmon, beef steak, cheese, etc.


Post time: Nov-10-2022