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It’s always inconvenient for mothers to feed babies when they go out. They need to consider how much milk powder to bring, whether it takes up space and whether the material of the container is safe… All aspects need to be carefully considered. If there is a problem with the milk powder, not only their efforts will be wasted, but also the planned journey will be scrapped.

At this time, the portable milk powder bag comes into play. According to the amount of each meal your baby needs, you can pack the milk powder one at a time, one bag per meal, which saves worry, does not occupy space, is easy and hygienic! However, there are thousands of products on the market, what is the difference between different milk powder bags? How should I choose a milk powder bag?

Novice parents only need to pay attention on the following three points, you can easily get the portable milk powder bag.


1、Material safety is the key, and the soft texture is very important.

The safety of products purchased for babies must rank first! Therefore, when purchasing milk powder bags, the first thing to be confirmed is the material of milk powder bags is non-toxic.

Generally, as long as the milk powder bag is produced by a regular manufacturer, there is no big problem. The most basic requirement is that the material does not contain bisphenol A and is non-toxic and tasteless. 360 ° aseptic disinfection is also a necessary before leaving the factory. The touch should be soft, and it is not easy to break when kneaded many times.


Left: TSA+PE is flexible, the marks are not obvious after bending, and the bag is still flat

Right picture: PET+CPP is hard, the crease is obvious after bending, and the bag is obviously warped

By touching and bending the two milk powder bags of different materials, it can be clearly found that the Boboduck milk powder bag using TSA® Linear Tear Type (BOPA film) + PE is not only safe and non-toxic, the hand feel is also very soft, there is no obvious crease after bending, and the texture is better.


2、Sealing against pollution & blocking against moisture are important.

Baby’s milk powder is packed in aluminum cans to prevent moisture and agglomeration of milk powder. Therefore, the airtightness of portable milk powder bags and the barrier properties of materials are very important!

As shown in the picture, the two milk powder bags adopt a Snap-on double-track sealing design, which is tightly sealed, not easy to leak, and will not cause secondary pollution to the milk powder.


Both milk powder bags have good barrier properties, which can effectively isolate water vapor and ensure that the milk powder will not agglomerate due to moisture. However, in comparison, the Boboduck compounded with TSA® Linear Tear Type has better gas barrier properties, making the milk powder fresher, and can perfectly lock the freshness of the milk powder no matter how far the journey is.


3、Considerate design and material selection, provides a rich user experience.

Is the milk powder bag designed with double openings? Can secondary pollution be avoided? Is the upper opening easy to tear? Will it be torn to the sealing strip?? Is the lower opening convenient for tearing and pouring into the bottle?

These details should be taken into consideration by novice parents. With the innovation of portable milk powder bags, scissors are no longer needed.


In this regard, Boboduck milk powder bag is particularly intimate, in which TSA ® Linear Tear type is a special material, which does not need to be compounded with other special materials, nor does it need laser drilling and any other tools. Just tear it gently, and the opening is very straight. There is no need to worry about tearing the seal, spilling milk powder, or pouring milk powder because the opening is too large and the bottle is too small, which makes it easier to take your baby on a trip and happier journey!

Post time: Jul-07-2022