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Green Packaging of Baking Industry to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Sure, this year's moon cake market is very different - over packaged and "overpriced" moon cakes have almost disappeared. The success of moon cakes has returned from gifts to baked goods.

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In recent years, the market size of the baking industry has maintained a high growth. According to Euromonitor statistics, the baking market size will be about 240 billion in 2020, and it has developed at a compound growth rate of 9.3% in the past five years. At the same time, white collars, housewives and Generation Z have become the mainstream consumer , and they prefer new, healthy and green environmental baking brands.

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In the context of plastic ban and carbon neutralization, in addition to providing consumers with healthier and safe baked food, environmentally friendly baking brands have also begun to pay attention to the over-packed problem of baking packaging, and attach importance to the choice of packaging materials, in order to find an echo with the target population from more dimensions such as environmental protection and carbon reduction.

For example, the introduction of edible cupcake paper trays, the use of small-portion portable packaging with more controllable weights, the selection of environmentally friendly and easy-to-recycle paper-based materials, and the replacement of plastic parts with lower-carbon bio-degradable materials, etc.

Taking bread as an example, in order to increase the customer's interest, most baking brands choose window packaging as the main packaging form of bread.

window packaging

This is because the window packaging can not only visually display the shape and golden color of bread, but also more importantly, through the display, customers can be more directly motivated to buy, so as to promote sales.

In the view of environmentally friendly baking brands, the window packaging should also meet the green and environmental protection proposition, and the bio-degradable film (BOPLA) with raw materials derived from plant starch is one of the solutions.


As a green technology product, BiONLY® is not only green and low-carbon, but also has high transparency, high brightness and high stiffness. The window packaging made of paper-based materials can not only provide a good opening experience, allowing consumers to fully feel the charm of baked goods through the eyes and sense of smell, and also realize the degradability of the entire transparent packaging structure, avoiding environmental problems caused by packaging.

It is worth mentioning that BiONLY® can not only be used in window packaging of carton paper bags, but also can be used as a replacement for plastic packaging in common scenarios in the baking industry such as transparent bread bags, packaging bags, straw packaging, and cup lid film packaging.


With the great enthusiasm of the people for consuming baked goods, Chinese-style pastries are also gradually returning. Traditional seasonal and festive pastries such as moon cakes are no longer restricted by fixed festivals, but also return to the baked goods themselves in moderation. With the help and support of new green and low-carbon materials such as ®BiONLY®, "moon cakes" will make breakthroughs in the direction of greener, low-carbon, healthy and practical while achieving "light loading".

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Post time: Sep-22-2022