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CHANGSU丨 Better Material, Better Life


Xiamen Changsu Industrial Co., Ltd. ("Xiamen Changsu") was established in 2009. It is a world-renowned supplier of high-performance film. It integrates "product research and development, intelligent manufacturing, and application and promotion". Among them, high functional BOPA film – Ultrany, its production and sales volume ranks first in the world. The products are widely used in food, daily chemicals, medicine, electronic products and new energy vehicles, and continue to create a healthier, safer and more convenient life for consumers.

Adhering to the mission of " better material, better life", Xiamen Changsu focuses on the R & D and application of high-functional film, and has launched Ultrany ®,Supamid ®, PHA™, BiONLY® and other scientific and technological products. A number of products have been replaced by domestic products, filling the gap in the domestic and foreign high-end film material market, and continuously leading the innovation and development of the industry.

Xiamen Changsu has won many national honors such as National Manufacturing Single Champion, National Enterprise Technology Center, Specialized "Little Giant", National Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Project, and National Green Factory, and has been selected as the invisible champion of made in China. At the same time, Xiamen Changsu is the first Chinese member of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization SAVE FOOD initiative to help ensure global food security.

Changsu Industrial attaches great importance to the harmonious coexistence between enterprises and people, nature and society, and is committed to providing more high-quality high-functional film for human beings through material technology innovation, becoming a global excellent corporate citizen, and make unremitting efforts to improve the quality of human life and create a beautiful ecological environment.

* Core products


High Functional BOPA Film——(ULTRANY®)

High end functional film,its production and sales volume ranks first in the world.

Performance:It has excellent tensile, puncture and printing resistance, as well as good oxygen resistance, chemical resistance and has a wide range of temperature applications

Application field: widely used in food, daily chemical and other fields


High Functional BOPA Film——(Supamid®)

New materials for consumption upgrading, protect health and safety

Performance: excellent oxygen barrier, linear tear, etc., futuristic-tech material products.

Application field: Serving new consumer brands, it can greatly reduce the use of food additives and protect people's health and safety by physically locking in freshness.

Application field: Serving new consumer brands, it can greatly reduce the use of food additives and protect people's health and safety by physically locking in freshness.


High Functional BOPA Film——(PHA®)

Take the lead in the new energy market and realize domestic substitution

Performance: Excellent puncture resistance, impact resistance and other properties, protect the battery substrate, resist accidental impact, and improve battery capacity

Application field: The core material of lithium battery packaging is widely used in new energy vehicles, smart phones, smart wearable devices, drones and other fields.


New Bio-degradable Film——(BiONLY®)

Contribute to the realization of the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization", empower green development. The first new bio-degradable film to achieve large-scale production in China, a revolutionary green technology product.

Performance: controllable degradation, good tensile strength, high transparency, high brightness, heat sealable and wide adaptability for printing

Application field: widely used in the field of flexible packaging functional film such as e-commerce logistics, flowers, high-end food, electronic products, books, luxury gifts boxes, clothing, etc.

* Honors and Qualifications


▲ National Enterprise Technology Center
▲ National  Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Project
▲ National Specialty Giant
▲ National Green Factory
▲ National Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise
▲ National Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project
▲ First Prize of Innovation Achievements of China's industry University Research Cooperation
▲ National Worker Pioneer
▲ Leading Enterprise In Fujian
▲ Leading enterprise of technology giant in Fujian
▲ Famous trademark of Fujian Province
▲ Xiamen Quality Award
▲ The first Chinese member of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization "SAVE FOOD"
▲ Second Prize of China Packaging Industry Science and Technology Award

* Industry Culture

better material, better life

★ Mission: better material, better life

★ Vision: To be the global leader in film research and application.

★ Core value: innovation, collaboration, responsibility, learning and growth

★ Management concept:activating talents, customer oriented innovation.

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