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https://www.changsufilm.com/straight-tear-bopa-film-product/Following the instant noodles and light cooking instant food, frozen microwave instant food perhaps become the next popular product. Recently, a new instant food brand “DING DING BAG” is popular before public sale. Let’s check the magical “bowl bag” together.

Many office workers use microwave oven to heat their own meals when lunch break, but you would also find that the microwave oven is pasted with a warm tip “Do Not Put Food in Plastic Packaging for Heating“. Therefore, the development of microwave instant food, packaging material is very important.

Technology Drives the Upgrade of the Food Industry, and Packaging is A Key Motivator.

DING DING BAG does not need to be thawed and unpacked, and it only needs to be heated in the microwave for 6 minutes. It can also stand up on the desktop, tear off the package and change into tableware. There is no need to wash the dishes and just throw it into dustbin after eating. So, how to make it not become a broken bowl when tearing the package? It requires for packaging technology to keep the sense of opening experience.


TSA, straight linear tear BOPA Film, launched by Xiamen Changsu is a good solution to this problem, allowing the “bowl bag” to get a linear straight cut. TSA does not require the use of great efforts or tools such as scissors to facilitate the opening, it can be easily torn with bare hands in a straight line and prevents the contents from spilling out.

Whether the new frozen microwave instant food can become the next explosive product depends on the gap between innovative ideas and real sense of experience. Relying on high-performance film to improve the sense of opening experience, it may become a strong support for “Bowl Bag” innovation!


Post time: Mar-16-2022