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How can the popular pre-made dishes industry grasp the “stomach” of consumers by packaging?


Pre-made dishes are really popular!

According to the “2022 China Pre-made dishes Industry Development Trend Research Report” released by iiMedia Research, the scale of China’s Pre-made dishes market will be 345.9 billion yuan in 2021.

In the future, “time-saving and worry-free” pre-made dishes will be expected to serve more and more consumers’ three meals, while “one dish in 8 minutes”, “must be stocked at home” and “beginner becomes a chef” are well received. From the side, it affirmed the public’s recognition and love for pre-made dishes.

Under the catalysis of epidemic and other factors, the continuous explosion of pre-made dishes is a foregone conclusion. Not only HEMA fresh, Meituan, Ding Dong and other fresh e-commerce platforms have continuously increased their investment in this field, but also new and old pre-made dishes brands such as Xinya chef, Guangzhou Restaurant, Zhenwei Xiaomeiyuan have also made great efforts to enter the market, which is bound to add another fire to pre-made dishes.

Grab the “stomach” of consumers with delicious taste and experience

Like home-cooked dishes, pre-cooked dishes are easily exposed to the air to breed bacteria, discoloration and even spoilage. If pre-made dishes are improperly packaged and stored, the taste and fresh quality will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt special packaging technology to effectively extend the shelf life of pre-made dishes, so that the fresh taste and quality of pre-made dishes can be maintained for a long time.

The pre-made dishes on the market can be roughly divided into four categories: ready-to-eat food, ready-to-heat food, ready-to-cook food, and ready-to-serve food. How to package it so that it can firmly grasp the “stomach” of consumers with the unique advantages of packaging?

1、Ready-to-eat food: food that can be eaten directly after opening


 Image source: example of ready-to-eat food

After cooking and sterilization, ready to eat food needs to be packaged in vacuum or modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging. If general packaging materials are used, the oxygen resistance performance is likely to fail to meet the requirements, which is likely to cause the contents to be exposed to the air for a long time, causing color change, mildew, corruption and other reactions, and the flavor, taste and freshness will be greatly reduced, affecting the shelf life of products.

微信图片_20220721143631Recommended case: Shuanghui low temperature meat products

Shuanghui low-temperature meat products are packaged with an upper and lower film structure, and the upper film is made of Changsu Supamid film- EHA fresh locking composite with other substrates, which has excellent oxygen blocking effect; and because the selected film is a kind of high functional BOPA film, the upper film also has excellent mechanical properties such as BOPA rubbing resistance and tensile resistance, which can protect the product from breaking the bag during transportation; At the same time, it can be seen intuitively from the case pictures that the packaging material has exquisite patterns and bright colors after printing, which is very eye-catching. As one of the solutions to improve the barrier of instant food packaging, it performs very well.


2、Instant food: food that can be eaten after heating


Image source: bad experience of “broken bowl”

The cooking bag of “tearing the bag is a bowl” undoubtedly captured the heart of a large number of instant food “true love fans”, but in the process of actual operation, it is easy to get a “broken bowl”, because of carelessly operation, and the difference between Buyer show and seller show is really more than a little.


Recommended case: Ding Ding bag

This ding ding bag adopts the Changsu TSA linear tear film, which does not damage the structure of the packaging, and does not need to cooperate with other special materials. Moreover, unlike laser drilling, which needs to destroy the material to achieve a better linear tearing effect, the TSA linear tearing film has its own “straight tearing effect” and excellent performance, which can make the “bowl” more tough and firm. The packaging is more resistant to the high firepower of high temperature microwaves


3、Ready-to-cook food: semi-finished food.

The majority of semi-finished food are soup and noodles. It is easy to spill and splash when opening the bag. It is too troublesome to clean up, which is contrary to the original intention of consumers to choose pre-made dishes. Consumers are often blacklisted because of poor experience.


Recommended case: pre-packaging of cream corn soup

The solution is actually very simple. It can be perfectly solved by using Changsu TSA linear tearing film as packaging material! It can be easily torn in a straight line without other special materials, which can effectively prevent the splashing and leakage of soup. It only needs to be used once, and the hot list of favorite pre-made dishes packaging will definitely have it.


4、Ready-to-cook food: ingredients that have been preliminarily processed such as cleaning, cutting, etc.

After the fruits, vegetables and meat are cut, washed and sterilized, they need aseptic packaging before they can be put on the market. However, after vacuuming, the packaging of meat products with bones is often easily punctured by bone spurs and sharp objects, resulting in bag breakage, air leakage, and lack of freshness. Discoloration and staleness of dishes, loss of taste. Therefore, ready-to-serve food packaging should be flexible and puncture-resistant.


Recommended case: clean vegetable packaging

Changsh Supamid- EHA fresh-locking film is not only wear-resistant and puncture-resistant, but also has excellent barrier properties. It can effectively avoid problems such as bag breakage, air leakage, and no preservation caused by bone spurs and sharp objects punctured by packaging after vacuuming. It can firmly lock the freshness, avoid the discoloration and taste of the dishes, and ensure a fresher and more original taste.

Pre-made dishes have developed quite a variety of categories and diverse tastes. Under the consumption trend of “young people win the world”, the competition of pre-made dishes will also intensify. In addition to further standardizing production and increasing categories, creating more flavors that young people like, every slight change will add extra points to the entrants, and the innovative products of some packaging companies may add a boost to the brand owners on the pre-made food track. Collaborate well with brand owners to innovate products and services, and jointly explore the real needs of young people.

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Post time: Jul-21-2022