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Part.1 Which one would you choose, cooking or washing dishes?
If Z Generation (born in 1996-2010) were asked to answer, the probability would be: none!
For the young generation Z, compared with buying and cooking dishes and washing dishes, they are more willing to choose prefabricated dishes, simple cooking and diverse tastes, and obtain more happiness and satisfaction with the simplest operation. It can be said that the young generation Z has become a new consumer group that cannot be ignored in the prefabricated food market.

In order to attract young people and explore a broader market of prefabricated dishes, brands have offered their trumpets. Microwavable stand up pouch named "cooking bag", "Dingding bag" or "Bobo bag" compete for the market, which is the good choice for young generation who cannot cook, do not want to cook and do not want to wash dishes.


Part.2 How to better understand the mind of young people with prefabricated dishes?
The reason why microwavable stand up pouch easily holds the "appetite" of young people, the key point is that it brings the extreme convenient experience of "microwave heating, instant eating in the bag" to young consumer groups. However, it is always troublesome if the bag is opened crooked, causing the products to spill.

Now, some prefabricated food brands, such as Dahidi and Champion Food, have begun to pay attention to this detail, and actively seek functional film with linear tearing property.

Generally, the microwavable stand up pouch is a three-layer structure. The main function of the innermost layer are preservation and heat sealing; The outermost layer is highly closed, allowing the steam to generate thermal convection during heating, thus achieving the effect of uniform heating; And the middle layer, such as the selection of Changsu TSA® linear tearing film, can make the bag easy to tear in a straight line, so as to upgrade the consumer experience.

Since Changsu TSA® linear tearing film has a unique structure, and its linear tearing performance allows the microwavable stand up pouch to realize straight tearing without the need for easy tearing lines or other special materials. Even after rapid freezing, high temperature cooking or microwave heating, it will not affect its linear tearing effect.

Therefore, the microwavable stand up pouch made of this film does not need to be defrosted, unbagged or tools, and can be heated for a few minutes to obtain the perfect experience of linear tearing, convenient ready-to-eat, and no need to wash dishes after eating.


Part.3 Quality is the key to upgrade prefabricated dishes
In the food industry, quality always comes first. Generation Z is "lazy", but more "picky"; They are highly accepted, but they eat more delicately; They care about taste, and pay more attention to health and safety. Therefore, the quality upgrading of prefabricated dishes has also become an important barrier to break through the young market.
Many prefabricated dish enterprises take the lead in improving the processing technology, aseptic packaging technology, sterilization technology and other methods of prefabricated dish to ensure aseptic and safe production, while improving the preservation rate of the nutrient in the dishes, maximizing the restoration of color, aroma and taste of dishes. For the outer packaging of prefabricated dish, such as the selection of Changsu APA antibacterial technology film, the"long-lasting protective cover" is the key to improve the quality.

Changsu APA antibacterial film is a new functional film developed to deal with the contamination of pathogenic microorganisms in the process of food circulation. At present, it has passed the SGS certification of the international authoritative testing agency, and has excellent antibacterial performance against the common gram-negative and positive representative bacteria Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, with the antibacterial rate ≥ 99.9%.
Changsu APA antibacterial film have a wide range of temperature applications, high temperature resistance and cold storage resistance, which can ensure that the external packaging of prefabricated dish maintains good antibacterial performance during the whole process from sterile packaging, high-temperature sterilization, frozen storage to cold chain transportation, so that consumers can buy and eat at ease.


Such a "thoughtful" prefabricated dish industry hopes to open up a larger C-end consumer market in the future with "Generation Z" as the key. The use of more high-tech materials can give "Generation Z" a better consumer experience, and will certainly make the brand of prefabricated dishes go further.

Post time: Mar-09-2023